Gershom Tripp

Freelance Data Scientist, R & Python

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About This Site

This website is my personal hompage and blogfolio. I put mostly data-science-related content here, because that’s my passion, but sometimes I also write about other things.

Because this is a blog cum portfolio you will often find prose interspersed with code. This is known as literate programming, and I hope it encourages readers/data scientists to learn from, teach, and otherwise interact with me.

The site is built with Hugo—a static site generator made with Go. The website source code is available on GitHub. It uses the cocoa theme. The posts are mostly written in R Markdown, with the help of blogdown and RStudio. It is currently hosted on Dreamhost.

If you want a website like this one, start with the blogdown book, which also provides a decent overview of Hugo’s complexities, and Dreamhost’s knowledge base, where there are great tutorials detailing how to use git and ssh for web development.

The primary font face is Open Sans and the monospace font face is Ubuntu Mono. The social icons are from the Ionicons font set. CSS classes for code syntax highlighting are inserted during compile-time by Hugo using Pygments.

If you find errors, please let me know.